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Introducing CSS Border Generator Online!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new CSS tool developed at Miditaur - Border Generator Online. Now you can easily create custom CSS frames for your web projects with just a few clicks. Easily customize the style, color, width, and radius of your borders and generate the appropriate CSS code in real time that you can copy and paste into your css file.

We constantly show concern for providing comfortable interactive learning for the students of our web development courses, creating visual tools for exploring the possibilities of CSS.

Whether you are a web designer or a front-end developer, CSS Border Generator Online is designed to streamline your workflow and expand your design possibilities. Try our new tool today and take the process of creating your own frame style to the next level!

Miditaur MCC is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary

Miditaur MCC is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary and looks to its future with hope. The date of its establishment is July 20, 2000. Celebrating 25 years is a great achievement for any company, marking a quarter of a century of growth, challenges and successes.

We move into the future with hope, and this shows that Miditaur MCC is working with optimism to increase its capacity for innovation, creating opportunities for further growth and development.

By this date, it is planned to carry out a set of measures to systematize, optimize, modernize and reconstruct the existing Internet resources of the center.

Change the approach to the presentation of the center on the Internet.

It is planned to create a special page on this domain dedicated to the history of the Miditaur music and computer center.

It is planned to develop specifications for each specific resource. The base site, which is located at the address, will be brought to a minimalistic responsive style and rewritten in pure semantic html and css.

Taking into account the modern processes of digitization and globalization, the site will be presented in English. The English-language web resource will contribute to better integration of our students into the global world information space.An audit of the Miditaur software developments will be conducted and their further fate will be decided.

It is planned to create a distance learning platform based on the LMS Moodle for creating a training course on web technologies and a training course on computer technologies for processing sound information.