MCC Miditaur


The Miditaur music and computer center is an integrated project cultural and educational and information technology activities. In the modern creative environment of the world, there are more and more initiatives aimed at combining non-standard approaches to the realization of creative and educational needs of the individual through the harmonious symbiosis of musical creativity and information technologies.

One of the most vivid examples of such symbiosis is the Miditaur music and computer center. The project, which is based on public principles, performs the functions of cultural and educational activities and provides consultations on issues of informatization, development of web applications and MIDI technologies.

Miditaur is an innovative center that aims to create favorable conditions for the support and development of individual cultural and educational abilities of the talented layer of youth through the interaction of music and information technology education.

The project began its activities with the idea of creating an integrated cultural and educational environment that would unite musicians, programmers, vocalists, computer scientists and technological enthusiasts to promote the development and expression of personal creativity and the study of information technology both separately and in combination with the musical field.


The Miditaur project actively carries out cultural and educational activities, holding individual classes, master classes, lectures and trainings for participants of various age groups. The initiators of the project understand the importance of training and education in the field of music and information technologies, and provide an opportunity for its participants to familiarize themselves with modern means of creating music, from the basics of MIDI technologies to web development with the help of specialized software tools and solutions created by the center. Bright examples of such developments are the online code editor "MiditaurOCE" of various modifications and a set of tools for web development.

Online code editor MiditaurOCE

Interactive online code editor MiditaurOCE for learning the basics of web development.

MiditaurOCE was started as an improvement of the PracticeOCE editor project, authored by the founder and head of the Miditaur center Yurii Cherniievskyi, but now it has acquired its own identity.

From February 1, 2024, it was decided to stop supporting the PracticeOCE project and this editor will be called MiditaurOCE.

By March 21, 2024, all its versions will be transferred to subdomains.


On January 31, 2024, MiditaurOCE-3 online code editor for simultaneous work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code became available at


Consultations and expert support

Miditaur is engaged in the research and implementation of information technologies in music education and provides consultations on various aspects of the appropriate use of digital technology. The center's experts are ready to help both beginners and experienced musicians in understanding and using modern instruments, including MIDI interfaces, web technologies and programming.

Cooperation and community development

Miditaur is always ready to actively interact with other musical and technological communities, promoting the exchange of ideas and the development of new projects. Creating a favorable environment for sharing experience and creative cooperation is one of the key goals of this project. The Miditaur music and computer center became an example of the integration of the music sphere and information technologies, offering a combination of cultural and educational activities with effective consultations in the field of informatization and MIDI technologies. This project not only expands the possibilities of creative self-expression of its participants, but also promotes mutual understanding and cooperation between different branches of musical art and modern technologies.